Chapter News: Regional Contacts Named

Hi all UK and Ireland 12’s!

Quick update on the structure of the chapter!

We have moved to seperate- but not too much!- the following areas of the UK and Ireland; Scotland, Ireland, Midlands, North and South.

For those areas two paid chapter members have been assigned as regional heads/contacts, they are as follows.

Scotland- Gordon Currie & Gordon Wright
Ireland- Conor Tyrrell & Rick Jones
Midlands- Stuart Court & James Keay
North- Mark Jackson & Terry Peppard
South- Craig Hunt & Martyn Oppery.

These people will be source to contact for any possible meets and goings on in the specific areas during the season or off-season!

Plenty more still to come between now and the start of the season!
If you need any further information then you can contact us via leaving a comment on here. The different contacts information is under the ‘Committee’ tab with all the relevant emails and the like!

Thanks & Go Hawks!

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