#DrinkForSmudge Trends For UK 12’s

Week 1 of the 2016 NFL Season for the UK Seahawkers presented an opportunity for those in the UK fan chapter and all over Twitter to give a nod in tribute to someone who did so much for this chapter and fandom of the team in the UK.

Ian Smith, the former chapter president died earlier this year and to show his family and those close to him the guys who host the UK Seahawkers Podcast ‘The Pedestrian Podcast’ thought it’d be a good idea to use social media and a hashtag to show that they were thinking of the big man affectionately known as ‘Smudge’.

The reaction to the # was immense on both Twitter and Facebook and toasts to Ian came in from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and even a greatly appreciated nod from the Military Seahawkers over in the Motherland in Seattle!

This will be something we on the committee want to encourage throughout the season.

Below is a selection of Tweets which came in last night, to get involved or to reach the chapter in the future on Twitter it is @SeahawkersUK. #DrinkForSmudge

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