Special 12 Flag’s’Journey’ Reaches the Motherland

Since January’s devastating loss of our former President Ian Smith, one 12 flag has made trips across the country and last week, for the 2nd time this season, went to Seattle.
A little background on this flag, the idea of it being signed in memoriam was the idea  Chapter member Adam Nathan at Ian’s wake in January and was a focal point for the National Meet in April and September’s spreading of Ian’s Ashes on the Sound in September.
It was on that trip which saw former ‘Hawks RB Marshawn Lynch sign the flag. This past week’s trip however had two ‘moments’ to add to the story of a sharp idea from Mr Nathan.
Firstly came when in the company of Hall of Fame LT Walter Jones on the Sunday (6th November), saw the flag emerge and Walt offer to sign it, which he did with his ‘HOF’ signature.


Walt signs the flag on Sunday night

Then following a visit to the teams facility* on the shores of Lake Washington the following Wednesday where it was handed over to Thomas Buren who along with his team soon found a quick spot for it. Two days after, on Veterans Day in the US, Thomas and his colleagues flew the flag up the flagpole on the practice field and put the chapter front and center of many a cool picture, as a showing of the pride team taking in the part of Ian’s tribute.
It was a gesture which is greatly appreciated by the chapter, committee and most importantly Ian’s family with all of Ian’s work alongside the Military Seahawkers and his past serving in our military too making such a big impression on who he was.
This was a great end to a great week for those who made the trip and the possible finish point of very cool idea of a gesture and ‘tribute’ to the Big man from one of our members

*massive thanks to Chris Johnson and the guys at VMAC for sorting a few of us out for the tour of the teams facility, greatly appreciated.


For the other few pictures of the flag up at VMAC, here is the post from our President Sean Wilson




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