2017 Membership Opens!

So the day has finally arrived, after numerous enquiries about it, we can finally open up the 2017 Membership process.

In 2016 we had a record year in terms of membership numbers smashing all other yearly records for our very proud chapter!

So want to join this merry bunch of men, women and children? Then you can very simply!

Above this post you will see the How to Join tab with all the relevant details.

Membership costs £10 for the year (single person membership) and £15 for a family membership (up to 4 people).

All payments are to be sent over PayPal preferably to ukseahawkers@live.co.uk. Along with your payment you MUST provide full names of all members signing up, the full address of the member (single and family membership) as well as a e-mail address for a contact source for the new database being put together this year.

Once payment is sent and received a membership pack will be sent off at the earliest opportunity including a few items, most importantly your 2017 membership card!

If you receive all of that then this year tag us in on Twitter @SeahawkersUK with the #ImInUKHawks and we will spread your pledge of allegiance all over the Twitter-sphere.

So, what are you waiting for!!! Join in the fun!

2017 is ALREADY shaping up to be a big time year for us.




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3 Responses to 2017 Membership Opens!

  1. My name is Cameron Welsh and I approve this message


  2. John Davison says:

    Sorry am I being thick but where is the PayPal link to join


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