New Seahawkers Chapter Logo Launched, With UK Roots

A bit of cool news to bring you as well as something all new and shiny!

As was mentioned previously. The Seahawkers central council ran a competition at the backend of 2016 to design a new chapter-wide logo. One of our number, Gordon Currie, entered it and was lucky enough to end up as the winner.

This past Sunday the official changeover and launch of the new chapter logo went live and the picture is below. This picture will be on all relevent information and merchandise once new ideas are presented and passed for the 2017 season and beyond.

A massive and hearty congrats to our very own Gordon Currie who does so much for this group, chapter and Seahawk ‘fandom’ that this is the perfect way of showing appreciation of having his work represent the wider chapter.

Great work Gordon!

Go Hawks!


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