One More 2017 Lifetime Membership

As we announced and awarded at last month’s AGM, the chapter gave out a few ‘Lifetime Memberships’ to people who have worked hard for the chapter in the past, are long-time members who have been omnipresent since the start and to honour and remember a gone but not forgotten friend.

Those who were presented on AGM night were Paula A’Bear, Chis A’Bear, Melanie Hardman and April Hardman on behalf of former President Ian Robert Smith.

There is one more amongst the 2017 crop though.

Pam Sheppard, alongside her late husband Michael set up the original UK Seahawkers fan group in the early 1980’s. They and son Gavin would send out newsletters to a small group of people in the early days of the NFL being a broadcasted sport in this country.

Last year saw Pam as the ‘guest of honour’ at the 2nd annual Birmingham/Midlands meet. Where the guys and girls there had the chance to meet Pam and show her what the group had become from those small chutes of the beginning she was a part of.

With the lifetime memberships decided, President Sean Wilson thought it fitting to award one of the initial memberships to ‘Momma UK Hawk’.

Her son Gavin has sent over the picture of Pam with her certified membership alongside a story of ‘many tears’ upon receiving the award earlier this week.

Massive thanks to Gavin for his help in getting it to his mum and obviously a thanks to Pam for all her work in the early days and her presence last September. This award is very much deserved!

Congrats and Go Hawks!


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