German Seahawkers Honour Ian Robert Smith

This past weekend saw our German friends, the German Seahawkers, hold their 2017 meet in Frankfurt. Amongst it all, they unveiled their new addition, their ‘Ring of Honour’.

Following the team’s ‘Ring of Honour’ which includes everyone from Kenny Easley to Steve Largent, our German Seahawker chapter gave the first notice of induction to our late President and key part of our- and their- history.

Here’s the video German Seahawkers president Max Lange shared over the weekend, announcing the first inductee; Ian Robert Smith.


From us UK Seahawkers, to Max and all German Seahawkers, thank you!

This is an amazing way to honour Ian and the contributions he made and it is universially an unequivocally appreciated from our chapter, committee and members who knew Ian for this amazing and awesome gesture.

Falken Gehen!



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