The Night Before: Announcing The First of the 2018 London Game Festivities

The wait is almost halfway-over. October 14th 2018, the Seahawks will play in London for the VERY FIRST TIME!

To commemorate that, the committee have been working hard to organise an event/meet for the night before the game against the Raiders at the new White Hart Lane.

We can now announce the details of the meet and how you can get your hands on a ticket.

IF You are a 2018 UK Seahawkers PAID member then you should have received an email with the link to purchase your tickets. That initial pre-sale will continue for the next few weeks to give our members something back for their fees.

Then over the coming weeks we will stagger releases for our US booster club friends and also those in Germany. Once those three quotas are offered and fulfilled, they will be on general sale to non-member Seahawk fans from over the globe.

Tickets are priced at £25.

Keep an eye on here, our Twitter (@SeahawkersUK) and the Facebook page (UK Seattle Seahawks Fans) for more information on dates for the other sale dates and news on guests and things that we will put together for the night.


london meet


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