Setting The Table For 2019

With the 2018 NFL Season now over and the 2019 Memberships run well underway, we thought it best to catch you all up with happenings with the UK chapter, recent events news and what’s next in 2019 off the back off of an AMAZING 2018.

We will begin with catching you all up with figures from the unprecedented success that was the London Weekend back in October 2018.

London 2018
As anyone who went to any of the events, or the game itself, you know how huge a success the weekend was. Not only for ourselves but the teams and the representatives we have come into contact with have lauded the success and fun which was had by all.

One part of that was the 600+ of you who attended the Saturday night festivities in Leadenhall. Your money was plunged behind the bar readily for a night which was unreal to witness.

We were joined by personalities like Blitz from the Seahawks, the Radio commentary team of Steve Raible and Dave Wyman, 710 ESPN’s Jessamyn McIntyre and The Athletic’s Michael-Shawn Dugar. It was a great night and with the auction and Hilinski Hope merchandise on offer we raised an incredible amount of money.

Our chosen charities have been funded with £10,000 off of the back of the weekend in London. It’s a truly incredible figure and from all of us on the committee we thank those who dug deep into their pockets.

That weekend will forever live in the memories for those who were there. We can only hope it happens again one day soon.

The Chapter Charities & Committee Members

As we moved on past London- which was tough to do eh!?- we can announced that as dictated in our notes from the 2018 AGM the charities will have ‘two year tenures’ and thus will continue thru 2019.

Those charities are: Hillinski’s Hope, Archie’s Smile, SSAFA and the Paul Allen Charitable Foundation.

The same is to be said for our Committee make-up too. President Sean Wilson stays atop the committee and we are all delighted he is the face and voice of our group as we move into new grounds in 2019. The regional ‘heads’ also stay the same with the obvious encouragement of other members around the country and Ireland to chip in and bring ideas to the table. This is an open book and after 2018, we are always looking for new avenues and people to take the initiative.

Congrats to all committee members ahead of a hectic 2019.

2019 Membership

As the calendar ticked over to 2019 work had already begun on the Member packages for the 2019 year. Those have recently begun to be sent out to early-joiners and we thank everyone who has done that so far and we urge you all to click on the ‘How To Join’ tab on the top of the page to get your hands on yours gifts for 2019.

The 4th Annual National Meet

Off the back of London and all the good feeling that brought to this chapter, we have also recently arranged and announced the 2019 National Meet. After previous meets taking place in Manchester, Nottingham and Bristol; this year we are moving on a little further north and taking our talents (of partying excessively) to the banks of the River Tyne and to Newcastle.

On Saturday May 18th 2019, we are hosting our fourth National Meet. Details are below and a snazzy poster will soon be posted for the details concisely put on there.

Over the past three we have welcomed in 100’s of guests, new and old friends from both sides of the channel and Atlantic to our shindigs. This year is shaping up to be even better and bigger.

There will be the usual drinking and merriment as well as a raffle and auction with some already very cool gifts donated by some of Seattle sports biggest names.

Keep checking this site, the Facebook page and over on Twitter @SeahawkersUK for all the information.

Until next time…


The UK Seahawkers Committee

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