The 2019 UK Seahawkers National Meet

It’s that time of the year again, while we all await the beginning of the 2019 season and a wave of Draft chat, Free Agency signees and signings, we as a chapter move to get us all in one room and celebrate…something.

So with that we can formally and properly announce the 2019 National Meet, the FOURTH annual such meet. After the first in Manchester in 2016, Nottingham in 2017, Bristol in 2018 we head back north for the 2019 meet.

Newcastle to be exact.

The 18th May is English F.A Cup final day and for the 3rd year running we also run our meet too.

It is at Osborne’s in the city and all the info is on the poster below. More will be announced between now and May 18th. Here’s a few things we can announce.

  • Charity Raffle and Auctions benefiting our ‘Chapter Charities’
  • Ticket Price is PYOW (Pay Your Own Way) as it was in Glasgow and Birmingham local meets recently. So come, pay what you want and to the charity(ies) you wish to support on the day. Your donation is welcomed and very appreciated.
  • We have a room capacity of around 150, so act fast!

As we say, more will come but, get ready and come along to party on the Tyne!



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