The 2019 UK Seahawker Of The Year Named

This past weekend, we as a committee were able and delighted to announce the recipient of the latest UK Seahawker of the Year.

The announcement- made at our fourth annual UK Seahawker National Meet Up in Newcastle- came to the surprise of few who have seen the work this person has put in to the betterment of the group.

The 2019 recipient was Gordon Currie.

Gordon is a long-standing member of the UK Seahawkers and for most of that has been our go-to person for any visual artwork that is required. A graphic design don, Currie has done so much work for the chapter and those in it through the goodness of himself and also his ability which is unmatched in our small group of 12’s.

Currie designs gameday ‘Beat the…’ every week which go semi-viral on Facebook during the season, created a special London video and has contributed towards our logos for events, national meet ups and our Chapter affiliated Podcast.

We are sure the decision is as popular for one of our original regional reps, as hard working a member as you can find. No frills, no ego, just a good bloke with a proper talent.

Congrats Gordon!

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