UK 12’s To Support #96Check

Our group and committee is delighted to announce our support and push in line with Seahawks icon Walter Jones’ three-year initiative ’96Check’.

The program is rooted in what Walt says his former team mate, the late Cortez Kennedy, would do to him and other teammates occasionally- reaching out to check on his old players.

After Tez’s death, Walt took this on and this year, with the current climate perhaps making it more imperative, our UK chapter is seeking to support it next month.

The 96 check has happened in the US on September 9th, but with our calendar ways, we are llooking to push this through on June 9th 2020.

Check in. Reach Out. 96Check.

Thanks to Walter Jones for allowing us to do this. Follow all our socials for information on how to get involved with this.

UK Seahawks Committee

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