This is the official site for all the news and information with the UK Seahawkers.

We are the Official UK Booster Club and Chapter Seahawkers.

Established in 2005, we have been a growing group ever since via our old website, SeahawkBlue message board and lately the Official Facebook page- which currently boasts over 1,300 members.

As a group we have a growing number across the island and in April 2016 we will have our first ever NATIONAL meet up in Manchester, England. This following on from the successes of local meet ups in Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Nottingham in 2015. On top of that we had 30 members make the trek to Seattle last October for the Carolina Panthers game.

A Full History of this chapter is coming soon!


3 Responses to About

  1. Laura McAleese says:

    I would like to buy 2017 membership for my son in law for his birthday. Can I do it now or do I have to wait until January? Seems silly to buy now when there’s only 11 weeks left!


  2. Tony Fantham says:

    Where is the best place in south London ro watch the Seahawks?


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