The Night Before: Announcing The First of the 2018 London Game Festivities

The wait is almost halfway-over. October 14th 2018, the Seahawks will play in London for the VERY FIRST TIME!

To commemorate that, the committee have been working hard to organise an event/meet for the night before the game against the Raiders at the new White Hart Lane.

We can now announce the details of the meet and how you can get your hands on a ticket.

IF You are a 2018 UK Seahawkers PAID member then you should have received an email with the link to purchase your tickets. That initial pre-sale will continue for the next few weeks to give our members something back for their fees.

Then over the coming weeks we will stagger releases for our US booster club friends and also those in Germany. Once those three quotas are offered and fulfilled, they will be on general sale to non-member Seahawk fans from over the globe.

Tickets are priced at £25.

Keep an eye on here, our Twitter (@SeahawkersUK) and the Facebook page (UK Seattle Seahawks Fans) for more information on dates for the other sale dates and news on guests and things that we will put together for the night.


london meet


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German Seahawkers Honour Ian Robert Smith

This past weekend saw our German friends, the German Seahawkers, hold their 2017 meet in Frankfurt. Amongst it all, they unveiled their new addition, their ‘Ring of Honour’.

Following the team’s ‘Ring of Honour’ which includes everyone from Kenny Easley to Steve Largent, our German Seahawker chapter gave the first notice of induction to our late President and key part of our- and their- history.

Here’s the video German Seahawkers president Max Lange shared over the weekend, announcing the first inductee; Ian Robert Smith.


From us UK Seahawkers, to Max and all German Seahawkers, thank you!

This is an amazing way to honour Ian and the contributions he made and it is universially an unequivocally appreciated from our chapter, committee and members who knew Ian for this amazing and awesome gesture.

Falken Gehen!



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2018 National Meet Announced!

After the successes of our 1st two, we are moving forward into 2018 with plans afoot for a 3rd annual National Meet. After 2016 in Manchester, 2017 in Nottingham, we are heading further south for our 3rd meet.

City: Bristol
Venue: Toto’s Wine Bar
Date: Saturday 19th May 2018

Work is being done to bring guests to it and as ever we will be running a raffle and auctions to raise cash for our 2018 Chapter Chosen Charities, which are yet to be decided on.

So to get involved, all you need to do is send £5 for adults, £3 for Children via PayPal to, with names of those you are paying for listed on the payment note. If Bank Transfers are preferable, we can do that upon request via Twitter or on Facebook ‘UK Seattle Seahawks Fans’.

Spaces are limited to 100 and we already stand at 50% capacity so ACT QUICKLY and come join in on the fun.

Bristol. May 19th. UK Seahawkers 3rd Annual National Meet.

It also appears that the Mercure Grand Hotel in the centre is the popular choice for those who have already staked a claim. Keep an eye out on all our social media platforms and this site for more information on the event.

Go Hawks!!!

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2017 Pick ‘Em & Prediction Competitions OPEN!!

With the 2017 season starting this weekend, we have a bevvy of groups and competitions for our members to join.

Here is a quick list of the different competitions and how to enter:


If you are a paid up member for the 2017 season/year then there is a private competition for you.

In 2016, the competition went all the way to the Superbowl as Ed Kenny & Sam England tussled it out through the 4-week tiebreaker. Ed won and received a Jermaine Kearse signed ball.

This year the prize is a signed ball from Seahawks TE Luke Willson. To enter, is simple, as a member our chapter secretary should’ve emailed you the link to join.

If you require further assistance, contact one of the committee. Their contact details are in the tab on the top of the page.


As with last year we are running a pick ’em to those who are members on the Facebook group or general Seahawks fans. That group is ran through and is availble to join here:

Last year Ian Hazelden won out and received a membership pack as his prize.

In 2017, the group is in need of numbers. Follow the link above to join!


Again, in it’s 2nd year. Our OFFICIAL Chapter Podcast has a Google.doc competition up and running.

A bit different to the usual ‘weekly pick ’em’s’, the prediction sheet asks for a deeper knowledge and guesswork than the weekly picks. From the Seahawks 2017 win total to league wide awards. The sheet covers alot.

In 2016, chapter member and commitee member Terry Peppard won. Who can take unseat Tel off of his throne.

To enter, to just simply fill out the sheet at the following link:

(With the Team MVP’s, that will be decided on the end of year podcast)

SO with all of that, a hearty good luck to all competitors and enjoy the season opener against the Packers!!



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Our Fellow Seahawkers Podcast Need Your Vote!

As a chapter of the wider Seahawkers chapter, there are often times where our number can help out our US chapter-brothers and sisters. Here is such an occasion for that.

The guys over at the Seahawkers Podcast- massive supporters of and help for our fledgling UK Seahawkers podcast over the past year- are up for an award at the 12th annual podcast awards.

To help them get the award the podcast Adam and Brandan produce deserve, then follow the link below and vote! Then go tell them on Twitter and listen to their podcast.

Twitter: @SeaHawkersPod

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The 2017 National Meet Is Officially In The Books!

Well that was quite a good night! 

Around 50 to 60 UK Seahawkers- including members who reside in Seattle and Florida- congregated in Nottingham for a night of meeting new people, old friends and raising an immense amount of money for the two designated Chapter Charities for 2017.

The event took place at Canalhouse Bar in the centre of the city.

Those present included people from all over the UK. From Scotland, to the south coast of England and from over the water and one of our Irish Seahawkers too. As well as that most commendably we had a foursome who had made the trip over the Atlantic.

Dannette and Mark making the trip from the Emerald City as part of the UK Membership number. They brought so many donated items for the 2017 Charity Auction. They were also joined by Craig and Theresa who made the journey- via Seattle- from Orlando, Florida.

To begin the night off, some attendees arrived early to take in the 2017 FA Cup Final. For that Group Admin Andy Robinson ran a sweepstake. With both prizes happening to be won by Bob Alexander.

We were joined this year by WeeHawk. For those who don’t know WeeHawk is a figure who has the moves some covet on the dancefloor and is a focal point of a lot of social media buzz himself from all over the world. He was sent from his guardian’s- Chris Johnson- side on a UK tour. After stops in Manchester, Liverpool, the Lake District, Ireland and Scotland .He took in the meet and was the centre of attention perched near our new Chapter Banner.

Then, after all of that had ended we took a moment to remember Seahdawks Hall of Famer Cortez Kennedy. Midlands Rep Stuart Court leading the group in a 96-second applause in appreciation and memory of the man who saw his #96 retired after a decade of great play and destruction to opposing teams. RIP Cortez!

Then was the raffle and auction. All proceeds from the tickets purchased going towards our two charities. Items included Gameday programs, Seahawks Yearbooks, Rubber Ducks emblazoned in Seahawks colours and much more.

The bigger ticket items were reserved for the Charity Auction. Below is the items listed and the people who outbid the rest to take them home.

A Joey Galloway signed Football*: Sean Wilson (Chapter President)

An Authentic Gameday Seahawks Wolf Grey Jersey: Mark Jackson (Northern Rep)

A hand-crafted, limited edition ‘Sea Brick’**:  Cameron Welsh

A Superbowl 48 DVD***: Andy Robinson (2.0)

An Authentic Superbowl 48 seat cushion****: Andy Robinson 1.0

A Seahawks logo flag****: Scott Whitelaw

A Game Worn, Throwback Seahawks Helmet*****: Terry Peppard (Northern Rep)

Original, one-off print design^ Mark Jackson

*Donated by Chris Johnson; **Donated and made by Lenny Sap; ***Donated by Andy Pilkington-Steele; **** Donated by Craig Godwin; *****Donated by Melanie Hardman;^ Designed by Gordon Currie

A massive well done and thank you to all those who placed a bid. Your money, with all money counted and considered for saw the night raise an immense figure of £1,240. 

That figure will be split between our two 2017 Chapter Charities- Archie’s Smile and SSAFA. For more information on both, go to our Charities tab at the top of the page.

With that money raised, the night continued with stories shared, drinks consumed and a good few laughs.

A massive thanks to the staff at the Canalhouse Bar for dealing with us for so many hours (and pints). Also a huge thanks to all who donated to and those who purchased raffle tickets, took part in the FA Cup final sweeps and took the time out of their bank holiday weekend to come to town and join in the fun.

Thanks to Mark Jackson, Ross Bell and Gordon Currie for helping us sort the audio issues so the group could ‘dance’ to Macklemore, Soundgarden, The Verve and Sammy Hagar.

Finally a huge thanks to Andy Pilkington-Steele for taking the time out of his night and being the night’s paparazzi. Below are all the pictures from the night. Some more from those at the night are up on the FB page.


The Group Shot of the 2017 UK Seahawkers National Meet:

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2017 Members Pick ‘Em Prize Confirmed!

With the off-season winding through, the chapter is pleased to confirm the prize- and signature- for the 2017 Members Pick ‘Em Competition.

Last year saw Ed Kenny win the Members competition and be awarded with a signed ball from Seahawks WR Jermaine Kearse.

For 2017 the prize will again be a signed ball. But this year’s signee is LUKE WILLSON!

The signed ball will go to the winner of the competition which will be set up and open to PAID MEMBERS ONLY. That will be sent out over the e-mail before the season begins.

If you want to be in the running for the 2017 Pick ‘Em competition and this great prize, then join the chapter and make the most of benefits such as this.


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