The 2017 Chapter’s Chosen Charities

Following a really strong year of fundraising in 2016. The committee is delighted to announce details of the 2017 Charities we will raise funds for this year.

The following is written by the Chapter’s secretary, Cedric Auchere:

“Hi 12’s,

This is one of the reasons why being part of a chapter is so much bigger than just watching some football at some ungodly hours in the middle of the night!

As many of you will be aware, Armed Forces related charities had always been special to Ian’s heart and his passing has but made this cause a special one in all of ours. So this year we will be raising money for the SSAFA – the Armed Forces Charity

This year, as well as SSAFA, the committee has unanimously agreed to back a charity run by one of our very own members; Dean Carless. I leave to him to introduce “Archie’s Smile” in his own words:

“Archie’s Smile was founded in 2014 to support young children with Down syndrome and their families. The charity was inspired by my son Archie Carless who was born in 2013 in Coventry. Following Archie’s birth we looked for a support group in the area, only to find that there wasn’t one. Rather than being discouraged we decided to create our own! Fast-forward three years and Archie’s Smile is a thriving charity which supports children from birth to the age of 5 who have Down syndrome from across the Midlands. We offer members weekly stay and play sessions, support and advice for parents, provide speech and language therapy for the children, organise day trips, and provide information packs for parents of newborns with Down syndrome via local hospitals.”

So we will be raising money for those great causes though 2017. Because that’s also what being a 12 is all about.”

So there you have it. Thanks to Dean for sharing the story of Archie’s Smile. Keep an eye on the website, Chapter Twitter (@SeahawkersUK) and other social media platforms for news and details on fundraising efforts for these two great causes!

For more information on both, follow these two links:

Archie’s Smile:


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One More 2017 Lifetime Membership

As we announced and awarded at last month’s AGM, the chapter gave out a few ‘Lifetime Memberships’ to people who have worked hard for the chapter in the past, are long-time members who have been omnipresent since the start and to honour and remember a gone but not forgotten friend.

Those who were presented on AGM night were Paula A’Bear, Chis A’Bear, Melanie Hardman and April Hardman on behalf of former President Ian Robert Smith.

There is one more amongst the 2017 crop though.

Pam Sheppard, alongside her late husband Michael set up the original UK Seahawkers fan group in the early 1980’s. They and son Gavin would send out newsletters to a small group of people in the early days of the NFL being a broadcasted sport in this country.

Last year saw Pam as the ‘guest of honour’ at the 2nd annual Birmingham/Midlands meet. Where the guys and girls there had the chance to meet Pam and show her what the group had become from those small chutes of the beginning she was a part of.

With the lifetime memberships decided, President Sean Wilson thought it fitting to award one of the initial memberships to ‘Momma UK Hawk’.

Her son Gavin has sent over the picture of Pam with her certified membership alongside a story of ‘many tears’ upon receiving the award earlier this week.

Massive thanks to Gavin for his help in getting it to his mum and obviously a thanks to Pam for all her work in the early days and her presence last September. This award is very much deserved!

Congrats and Go Hawks!


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2017 National Meet Announced!

After a few queries on the subject, we can finally share the news and details of the UK Seahawkers 2017 National Meet.

Following on from the first ever National Meet last April in Manchester, the 2017 edition will come from the city made famous by Robin Hood and Brian Clough!

Nottingham! We are coming to you!

On May 27th 2017 at Canalhouse Bar in the city, the 2nd National gathering of the chapter will take place. Organised jointly by Midlands regional reps Stuart Court & James Keay, the booking has been finalised.

A room with a capacity of 200 at the great location within walking distance of the Nottingham train station. The perfect follow up to the roaring success of 2016 in Manchester!

So, how to get there and be involved? Simple. Send £5 (per person) to Stuart over PayPal at When sending the payment please add the people you are paying for to attend as there will be an attendee list on the night.

There will be a handy poster being made up in the coming days with all the concise information.

We will announce any special guests we have ahead of time. Stuart and James will now undertake the organising and ways of bringing you more in the Midlands!

As with last year Graphic design czar Gordon Currie is going to be creating an original print which will be auctioned off on the night with a few other items. All proceeds going to the Chapter charity for 2017.

Keep track of this website, the official Twitter (@SeahawkersUK) and the Facebook page for all information and updates.

But for now, book the travel, book the hotels and pay for the ticket. We will see you there on May 27th!

Meet Location:
48-52 Canal Street


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AGM Notes: Committee Shake-Up, New Memberships and Re-Elections..

The 2017 AGM took place this Sunday (Feb 5th 2017) at The Willoughby Arms, Kingston-upon-Thames, London. On the dock was a quick rundown on what was a hugely successful 2016, what is setting up to be an equally effective 2017 and the announcement of a shake up to the size and people on the Chapter’s committee and a few special presentations.

A rundown on the membership numbers was first addressed with 2017 already surpassing the 2016 number. After that it was on to the shape and set up of your 2017 committee.

First off was the presidential re-election. Unopposed and universally supported Mr Sean Wilson will again lead the way in 2017. With that matter of course dealt with it was time to re-assign some roles.

With Sean stepping up midway through 2016 from the VP role, that for 2017 needed to be filled. Melanie Hardman has stepped forward to take that and will work well after a 2016 which saw Melanie manage to raise a impressive amount of money for charity in our former President Ian Smith’s name, honour and memory.

Another role which needed filling was that of Chapter Secretary. Jed Parisi, the secretary for the previous two years has stepped away from the chapter and in his stead Cedric Auchere has happily stepped up. Cedric is already pushing ahead with a members database to aid contact ease from the committee to our paid members.

Other positions were consoldiated with Michael Herring (Membership), Andy Donnelly (Treasurer) and Stuart Court (Comms & Web) all signing on for another year.

Terry Peppard, who will serve 2017 as one of the two Northern reps for the chapter will also stay on the committe for 2017.

With geography still being sorted out, Adam Nathan has stepped forward to be the first London rep for the chapter. Serving the same purpose as other areas, London now has a rep to work on regional meets and communications.

But sadly, one of the South reps Martyn Oppery has stepped away from his role. Massive thanks to him for the effort in trying to get things rolling in the south west.

The AGM was rounded out with a few special presentations; With 2016 and the early remnant of 2017 being a year of change, the chapter President Sean Wilson has seen it the time to begin a new initative. The initative being the awarding of life memberships to those who have been long-standing members or who have worked exemplary to boost the name of the chapter through Charity work or other work worth rewarding.

These life memberships were handed out by Sean Wilson, so here is his thouights on the who and why:

Chris and Paula A’Bear had been a part of the original committee since the 2004 inception. They have been heavily involved alongside many others through that infancy up until 2016. They are relinquishing their roles for 2017 due to work commitments but remain excited to see how the group develops and expands. This seemed the most approrpiate way of showing our appreciation for all of their hard work.

Melanie Hardman was awarded a lifetime membership due to her fantastic work on the charity front in 2016 for the chapters nominated charities (around £5,000 at last count) and all of that work and the appreciation for it seemed a great fit for this.


Lastly, we have awarded Ian Robert Smith it posthumously due to all the work in laying the foundations for what we see in 2017. He is missed heartily by everyone who crossed his path and so many owe their position and friendships by the work he did in spreading the UK Seahawks gospel. This on the night was presented on his family’s behalf to April Hardman.

One other presentation saw Midlands rep James Keay present a hand-crafted original and rare brickwork to Melanie and April. The work handed to James by chapter member Lenny Sap was handed over before the AGM and is a design of the Seahawks logo. A very unique and cool gift from one Seahawker to another. Great work Len!


For more intricate details, the minutes of the AGM will be sent out in the coming days. For announcements on the 2017 National Meet, the 2017 nominated charity and much more, keep an eye on this website in the coming days and weeks for all that!

Congrats to all those nominated to the committee and a massive thanks of appreciation to all of those who attended!

Go Hawks!






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New Seahawkers Chapter Logo Launched, With UK Roots

A bit of cool news to bring you as well as something all new and shiny!

As was mentioned previously. The Seahawkers central council ran a competition at the backend of 2016 to design a new chapter-wide logo. One of our number, Gordon Currie, entered it and was lucky enough to end up as the winner.

This past Sunday the official changeover and launch of the new chapter logo went live and the picture is below. This picture will be on all relevent information and merchandise once new ideas are presented and passed for the 2017 season and beyond.

A massive and hearty congrats to our very own Gordon Currie who does so much for this group, chapter and Seahawk ‘fandom’ that this is the perfect way of showing appreciation of having his work represent the wider chapter.

Great work Gordon!

Go Hawks!


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2017 Membership Opens!

So the day has finally arrived, after numerous enquiries about it, we can finally open up the 2017 Membership process.

In 2016 we had a record year in terms of membership numbers smashing all other yearly records for our very proud chapter!

So want to join this merry bunch of men, women and children? Then you can very simply!

Above this post you will see the How to Join tab with all the relevant details.

Membership costs £10 for the year (single person membership) and £15 for a family membership (up to 4 people).

All payments are to be sent over PayPal preferably to Along with your payment you MUST provide full names of all members signing up, the full address of the member (single and family membership) as well as a e-mail address for a contact source for the new database being put together this year.

Once payment is sent and received a membership pack will be sent off at the earliest opportunity including a few items, most importantly your 2017 membership card!

If you receive all of that then this year tag us in on Twitter @SeahawkersUK with the #ImInUKHawks and we will spread your pledge of allegiance all over the Twitter-sphere.

So, what are you waiting for!!! Join in the fun!

2017 is ALREADY shaping up to be a big time year for us.




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New Seahawkers Logo Vote Open

As you may or may not know, the chapter-wide logo for all Seahawks booster clubs is changing. In the spirit of competition the club is running a competition after several submissions from all corners of 12’s fandom entered specific logos over the past few weeks and months.

The logo competition is running with votes open until November 20th. So go quick and vote!

If you want to, which you may, our very own Gordon Currie, Graphic Designing don has one of his designs up for the vote (option 3) so to get one of our own’s work across all the chapters and representing the club would be fantastic for Gordon for all the work he does!

You can vote here:

Remember…OPTION 3 (if you so choose….)

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