Remembering ‘Smudge’

On the 3rd January 2016 our longtime friend, confidant and Chapter President, Ian Smith passed away after suffering a stroke on Christmas Eve.

Everyone was in shock and saddened with the passing of Ian- from both here in UK and all around the world in US and all corners. Ian had met and made an impact on so many of us ’12s’ over his years involved with the chapter as well as being one of the bigger driving forces behind the annual ‘Motherland’ trip to the PNW.

For the 2016 year us as a chapter will be looking to rise funds for charities close to Ian’s heart and interests, Help for Heroes and The British Legion being at the front of the queue. Anything we can do to support those charities will be key in our way of remembering our former President and friend, Mr Smith.

The get togethers for games at the pub in Kingston will be something we will look to continue for the 2016 season and on- especially Superbowl Sundays.

But for now, we will have this page here for your comments/memories on Ian to serve as another memorial for him for our Chapter.

RIP Ian Smith