The Committee & Reps

Here is a run down of who we are:

Sean Wilson:
Saw my first NFL game in 1982 which was 49ers v Bengals SB, very brief highlights on world of sport. Hooked! Picked 3 teams along with my dad the following year, one of which was the Seahawks. Purely down to helmet design and colours. Followed them ever since, through all the fallow years until brief glimpses of success. After watching 2012 season I knew we’d win the SB the year after and put a very substantial bet on. In my eyes they haven’t let me down since. Now a habitual visitor with Claire and my favourite friends in the world!

Vice President:
Melanie Hardman

Chapter Secretary:
Cedric Auchere:
I remember seeing some highlights on Channel 4 at the end of the 2012 season and more specifically the block by Big Red Bryant against the niners leading to a pick 6 by Sherman! I then watched the SB and really enjoyed the sport. So when 2013 season started I known I had to pick a team; I tried to convince myself to go for other teams like one of the NYC based ones or maybe one in sunny Florida, but you don’t pick your team, the team picks you! Since then I have enjoyed the UK Seahawks group and joined a few years ago along with my wife and 2 daughters. I got involved with the committee as I have some time to spare and was more than happy to offer my services. I have now been elected secretary which is a true honour and I’m looking forward to how this great chapter is going to grow. Go Hawks!

Membership Secretary:
Michael Herring:
I first became a Hawks fan in the 80’s when the game aired on Channel 4, most people at school were Cowboys, Raiders, 49ers and Redskins fans as they were prominent on TV at the time. I had an Auntie lived in Moses lake in Seattle and wrote to her asking if the had an NFL team, she wrote back stating the Seahawks and sent me a tshirt cap stickers etc and it just stuck from there. As for the committee after long serving Membership man Dave Bailey stood down I put my name forward and was picked, it can be time consuming but wouldn’t change it!

Andy Donnelly

Stuart Court:
I’ve been a 12 for about 14 years. The first game I remember watching was when Shaun Alexander ran all over the Vikings. Whilst my watching was not as religious as it is now, it picked up around the Superbowl season and has moved on yearly from then. This is my 6th year as a Chapter member and 4th as a committee member. The group and the people in it have been bought together and struck up friendships thanks to the team and city, looking forward to my next trip over. 

Other Committee Members:
Terry Peppard

Regional Contacts:

Harry Craig
Sandra Caldwell
Jonathan Caldwell
Cameron Welsh
David Phillips


Conor Tyrrell
Rick Jones
Ron Bradshaw
Alan Kennedy

James Keay

Mark Jackson
Terry Peppard

Adam Nathan
Martyn Oppery
Kevin Robinson

If you require assistance, or have an idea/proposition for the group to possibly act on/follow, contact via the Facebook group ‘UK Seattle Seahawks Fans’ or on Twitter @SeahawkersUK